“To the Poets” by Howard Nemerov

Song sparrow’s limited creativity,
Three eighth-notes and a trill all summer long,
The falling second of the chickadee–
It’s a pretty humble business, singing song.

* Special thanks to reader Robert E. who offered this as one of his favorite poems. I appreciate the suggestion, and look forward to sharing more reader recommended pieces in the coming year.

Feel free to submit your own favorite via my contact page. ~Christy

6 thoughts on ““To the Poets” by Howard Nemerov

  1. Poor sparrow – to me, always seemed under appreciated in the bird world.
    I changed my perspective on these little fellas years ago. Ever-present, resilient, and hardy – like a good friend who shows up every day ❤️

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    1. Robert

      “Woodstock” in the Peanuts comic strip. A sparrow? He seems to chatter–i.e., “” “” “” “” “”–like the ones that gather around my feeder.

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      1. Haha! Woodstock is indeed a great friend though I never understand a word he says.

        Sparrows and poets… they do chatter incessantly, don’t they? And yet. How drab our world would be without them. And every once in a while, they both utter the perfect life-saving notes.


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