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What’s your favorite poem? We’d love to share it, if possible. Let us know in the form below; feel free to share why it’s special to you. If we’re able to use your suggestion, I’ll give you a little wave and a mention.

I make zero money from this. And thank you, but it’s okay, I really don’t need donations. I just love sharing poetry. The best way to help out? Pay it forward. Share a poem with somebody else. Do something nice. Smile. Hold the door for someone. Push a stray grocery cart back to the corral. Pay someone’s toll behind you. Even better? Buy a book of poetry. Read it. Pass it on.

Thank you for your interest! ~ Christy

FYI, I’m not a lit mag, so please don’t submit packets of your own material; I wish you the best of luck though! 

*Note that I have greatly reduced my on-line schedule and that I do not regularly check this email account.