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(I will be on a digital hiatus/detox during October. I’ll be running a collection of previously posted material from 2014, the first year of Words. Hopefully it will be new or nearly new to most of you. I may be slow to reply to comments or emails that need response. Thanks for understanding, xo, Christy)


We love hearing from our friends and readers, don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason.

What’s your favorite poem? We’d love to share it, if possible. Let us know in the form below; feel free to share why it’s special to you. If we’re able to use your suggestion, I’ll give you a little wave and a mention.

Are you a long-time reader interested in “hosting” a week of Words? Let us know via the form below and we’ll try to schedule a week for you. (It’s easy! Just pick 5-7 of your favorite poems or quotes, maybe a couple sentences about yourself and why you love poetry, and I’ll take care of the rest.)

I make zero money from this. And thank you, but it’s okay, I really don’t need donations. I just love sharing poetry. The best way to help out? Pay it forward. Share a poem with somebody else. Do something nice. Smile. Hold the door for someone. Push a stray grocery cart back to the corral. Pay someone’s toll behind you. Even better? Buy a book of poetry. Read it. Pass it on.

Thank you for your interest! ~ Christy

FYI, I’m not a lit mag, so please don’t submit packets of your own material*; I wish you the best of luck though! I run poems that I’ve read, either online or in books, that have sparked some sort of internal emotional response. (I especially love that “ooph!” feeling when a poem takes your breath away.) I’m just a girl who loves sharing poems with others who love poetry too. (This does not apply to those who are hosting a week of Words; I’d love if you shared a poem or two of your own material.)