“There Will Be Things You Do” by Kim Dower

you won’t know why.
Maybe waiting to tie
your shoelaces

until everything else
is in place.
Could be you’ll slide

your egg yolks aside
eat every bit of bacon,
toast, whites while the forsaken

yellow orbs stare at you
from the side pocket
of your empty plate.

People will ask
why do you save
your yolks for last

and you won’t know—
won’t recall
the cousin from the south

came to visit one summer
ate his eggs so odd
your family said

stuck with you
like the way
you love to be kissed

on the back of your neck
can vaguely recollect
your mother’s kisses

after your bath
too gentle for memory.
There will be things you do

you won’t know why
like the way you look
up at the sky

when anxious or blue
it’s what your father
used to do

every family trip
when nothing else
was right

except those clouds
moving north by northwest
through the night

he showed you
what pilots knew:
factors for safe flying

are visibility
and how low
and mean the clouds are.

“There Will Be Things You Do” by Kim Dower from Last Train to the Missing Planet. © Red Hen Press, 2016.

* Thank you, Michelle T., for the recommendation. ❤


5 thoughts on ““There Will Be Things You Do” by Kim Dower

    1. You know, it’s funny… Looking for the poem, I first checked my site here, and while I didn’t find it, I found two others I’d published by Dower. One was about the plethora of bottled water choices, the other was about talking to her dog while she cooked…eggs. 🙂

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  1. Jean

    Christy/Christina, which do you prefer? That’s one of the things I do! Gotta get the name right! lol I love this poem, so powerful! I’m going to look more into Kim Dower’s poetry. Thank You! Now I’m wondering if you write poetry – I’ll bet you do. I’ll investigate that as well. Poetry and the people who love it and write it are truly gifts to us! I’m so wiped out by the meanness and cruelty in the world – what a refuge your site is. ❤


    1. Hi Jean,
      Oh I love both names, either one is fine with me, but thank you for asking. Christina is my given name, and I really use that because it fits my profile photo which is from Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World.

      I don’t write much poetry now, but I used to write some. Most of it wasn’t that great 😉 but it was good therapy at the time. I’ve shared a piece or two here before in honor of certain dates, but I try to not self-promote too much here. Since you asked, here are a couple links to material I’ve shared here:

      The Tears

      On Your Birthday


      You are very kind, Jean, thank you ❤


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