“One Night” by Constantine Cavafy

The room was cheap and sordid,
hidden above the suspect taverna.
From the window you could see the alley,
dirty and narrow. From below
came the voices of workmen
playing cards, enjoying themselves.

And there on that common, humble bed
I had love’s body, had those intoxicating lips,
red and sensual,
red lips of such intoxication
that now as I write, after so many years,
in my lonely house, I’m drunk with passion again.


from Collected Poems, translated by Keeley and Sherrard
Copyright 1992 by Princeton University Press


This week of Words is being hosted by poet Brian Dean Powers. We hope you enjoy his selections. Brian shares his poetry at The Body’s Heated Speech. I hope you will stop by to say hello. Thank you, Brian, for your support and for the beautiful Words. ~ Christy

One thought on ““One Night” by Constantine Cavafy

  1. Brian Dean Powers

    “I had love’s body….” few phrases have ever stopped me in my tracks as much as this one. Not just the love experienced with one person’s body, but the body of Love itself.


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