“This Day, and Probably Tomorrow Also” by Mary Oliver

Full of thought, regret, hope dashed or not dashed yet,
full of memory, pride, and more than enough
of spilled, personal grief,

I begin another page, another poem.

So many notions fill the day! I give them
gowns of words, sometimes I give them
little shoes that rhyme.

What an elite life!

While somewhere someone is kissing a face that is crying.
While somewhere women are walking out, at two in the morning –
many miles to find water.
While somewhere a bomb is getting ready to explode.


“This Day, and Probably Tomorrow Also” by Mary Oliver, via Red Bird: Poems, Beacon Press.



Today marks Day One of National Poetry Month. I have some great pieces lined up for the month (and beyond) including some of your own suggestions (thank you, more please!); I think you’ll like them. Thank you everyone for your patience. It’s nice to be back. ~Christy


4 thoughts on ““This Day, and Probably Tomorrow Also” by Mary Oliver

  1. strumsky

    You are so welcomed back, Christy. You keep me (us) connected, like in Stafford’s poem about elephants in the circus on parade, without which that connection, losing our way…


    1. “A Ritual to Read to Each Other,” what a wonderful poem. I looked and looked, but don’t see that I published it yet. I need to fix that, pronto!

      Thanks for the warm welcome back and for the lovely poem idea. ❤️ Christy

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