“The Thrill is Gone” by B. B. King

The Thrill is Gone” by B. B. King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015)


“I don’t have a favorite song that I’ve written. But I do have a favorite song: “Always on My Mind,” the Willie Nelson version. If I could sing it like he do, I would sing it every night. I like the story it tells. It go, I may not have written you–he’s talking about a lady–when maybe I should have. Or maybe I didn’t take you to dinner, didn’t call you when I should have, or didn’t love you as I should have. But you was always on my mind. I felt that way a lot in my life. I think every person feels it. That’s one of the things about being an entertainer. What we do–it’s just sharing the thoughts that many people have. You go to see a movie, and you sit up and cry–it’s because something is happening in there that just done happen to you or somebody you know. It’s the same thing with what I do. Don’t matter if you’re gay or straight, black or white, you still have the same problem. It’s love. It’s universal.”

~ From interview with Esquire magazine, “B.B. King: What I’ve Learned” January 2006.