5 thoughts on ““Prayer” by Galway Kinnell

    1. The feeling is so mutual, Alison, thank you! I was excited to see Hicok’s poem on your site last week; I shared it here with his spoken performance after a reader suggested it for the times. Such a spiritual gut punch, especially your touching intro.

      And oh congrats on your new podcast! May I give you a shout-out over here in the near future? Any special post or poem you’d like me to link to along with the podcast?


      1. alisonmcghee

        Christina, you are such a doll. Your blog has meant so much to me for years now, and I love connecting this way. Thank you for the kind words about the podcast! I’d be thrilled and honored for a shout-out. Actually, here’s a thought: would you want to be featured in an episode? You must have been drawn to poems for maybe the same reason as me. . . that early on it felt as if poems could save your life, somehow? Let me know what you think. XO

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      2. Oh that is so nice of you, Alison, thank you! But just the thought breaks me out in hives. 😬😆 I’m much happier behind the curtain, so to say. I’ll definitely give you a little wave here probably in the first week of June though! I’ll “borrow” a couple poems from you, and maybe a snippet from your intros; I know readers will love your thoughts and choices. ❤️

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  1. alisonmcghee

    I completely understand! And thank you so much for the future shout-out. It means so much to me that you love the blog and podcast, especially given how yours is the first poetry blog I turn to. It’s been wonderful seeing so many new posts lately. XO


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