“Our Story” by William Stafford

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Remind me again—together we
trace our strange journey, find
each other, come on laughing.
Some time we’ll cross where life
ends. We’ll both look back
as far as forever, that first day.
I’ll touch you—a new world then.
Stars will move a different way.
We’ll both end. We’ll both begin.

Remind me again.

2 thoughts on ““Our Story” by William Stafford

  1. Beautiful short poem. The line breaks make me envious of Stafford’s skill. Were I still a young man, I could fully embrace his apparent faith in some kind of life after death; as it is, I can’t quite manage it. Yet, if one lives long enough with his beloved, I do believe that couple can, indeed, “look back as far as forever,” and even intuit some sense of what the world was like before they came into it and changed it. Of course, I could be completely wrong. This sentiment is, itself, just a matter of faith.

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