“Sober Song” by Barton Sutter

Farewell to the starlight in whiskey,
So long to the sunshine in beer.
The booze made me cocky and frisky
But worried the man in the mirror.
Goodnight to the moonlight in brandy,
Adieu to the warmth of the wine.
I think I can finally stand me
Without a glass or a stein.
Bye-bye to the balm in the vodka,
Ta-ta to the menthol in gin.
I’m trying to do what I ought to,
Rejecting that snake medicine.
I won’t miss the blackouts and vomit,
The accidents and regret.
If I can stay off the rotgut,
There might be a chance for me yet.
So so long to God in a bottle,
To the lies of rum and vermouth.
Let me slake my thirst with water
And the sweet, transparent truth.

“Sober Song” by Barton Sutter, from Farewell to the Starlight in Whiskey, Rochester: BOA Editions, 2004



6 thoughts on ““Sober Song” by Barton Sutter

  1. I played the Johnny Nash version of this song a couple of hours ago. “It’s a sign.”

    Congratulations on another year in the light Christy. The time seems to vanish.

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    1. Hi Ronnie! I don’t know how you always remember, but you do, and I am oh so grateful for you. The world is a better place because you’re in it. ❤️

      I hope the sun is shining on you today!

      (Glad you found me here…. I decided Anna was too dark for me and that RoS was too focused on the past (and had grown a lil too big for me.) My latest side project idea is evendoveshavepride.com (it’s new so the idea may not stick) but this poetry site is pretty permanent.)

      May I have your “b-day” so I can put in on my calendar?

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  2. Mike Mirarchi

    I’ve always loved this poem. Congratulations on your seven years, Christy! What an awesome accomplishment! ❤ How'd you do it?


    1. Hi Mike, Oh it was really simple…for one day at a time, I simply chose not to drink. 😀
      Granted, it wasn’t always easy… But it’s a lot easier than it was! Man, that first year I ate ALL THE JELLY BEANS and ran and ran and ran and ran and then ran some more. I still run today, but know that when any challenge arises, that “this too shall pass.”
      Thank you so much for remembering ❤


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