“The Light That Shines When Things End” by I Wrote This For You (repost)

I hope that in the future they invent a small golden light that follows you everywhere and when something is about to end, it shines brightly so you know it’s about to end.

And if you’re never going to see someone again, it’ll shine brightly and both of you can be polite and say, “It was nice to have you in my life while I did, good luck with everything that happens after now.”

And maybe if you’re never going to eat at the same restaurant again, it’ll shine and you can order everything off the menu you’ve never tried. Maybe, if someone’s about to buy your car, the light will shine and you can take it for one last spin. Maybe, if you’re with a group of friends who’ll never be together again, all your lights will shine at the same time and you’ll know, and then you can hold each other and whisper, “This was so good. Oh my God, this was so good.”

~ I Wrote This For You (Iain S. Thomas). (His book on Amazon.)


originally posted: 12/20/14

5 thoughts on ““The Light That Shines When Things End” by I Wrote This For You (repost)

    1. Thank *you*, Jim. (Don’t miss tomorrow’s (Sunday’s) post…publishing a spoken word piece from Ross Gay…I think you’ll really like it.) PS- Jean was asking about you in a below comment. 🙂
      Hope you are well, c-


  1. Jean

    So sad, and yet doesn’t this open up our minds and call us to pay attention to what’s going on?…heart grabbing…endings are so horrible but closure does help some. Speaking of endings, Christina, do you think we’ll ever see another post from Jim Brennan or is he on to other things. Always love both his and your classy posts. sighhhhhhhh….. Thank you both for your beautiful sites for us to visit. ❤


    1. Oh Jean, that’s a great point about closure. I don’t know if knowing before-hand is always helpful or not, though. I think we just have to live our lives as if there are glowing lights around each and every one of us, each and every moment, because the only thing I know for sure is that one day each and every one of our lights will flicker and extinguish…ah but where does that light energy go??? (If energy cannot be created nor destroyed…?) That’s another subject for another day. 🙂

      As far as Jim Brennan, I’m not sure what his plans are. Oddly enough, he commented on this post right before you, though! I’m not sure if you saw or not (I think you read and comment via email? so you may not have seen it.) I did mention to him that you had inquired about him, I’m sure he’ll be happy to know how fondly you think of him. You’re always such a dear in your comments…thank you Jean ❤


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