“Girl” by Caitlyn Siehl (repost)

Girl, bite. Girl, devour. Girl, don’t forgive.
Girl, stay angry. Girl, be selfish.
Girl, walk away from him when he raises his hand.
There is no place that can handle you,
but you must go anyway, to the hills,
the mountains, the cities.
They’ll call you monster,
and they’ll be so right.
Girl, show them.
Girl, run your hands along the
wound and seal it with your
heat. Cauterize.
They thought they could get to you.
They thought they could take you
and make you small.
There may be bruises but you are
no little thing.
Girl, show them your claws.
Show them your wings.
Show them your army of injuries
who have come to fight.
Show them the others like you.
Take over the city. Own the mountains.
Bite the hand and the one
behind their back with all the good stuff.
Girl, show your teeth.
Never forget what you can do with them.

— Girl | Caitlyn Siehl

originally posted Jan. 3, 2014


(I will be on a digital hiatus/detox during October. I’ll be running a collection of previously posted material from 2014, the first year of Words. Hopefully it will be new or nearly new to most of you. I may be slow to reply to comments or emails that need response. Thanks for understanding, xo, Christy)

2 thoughts on ““Girl” by Caitlyn Siehl (repost)

    1. “Tooth mother…” That’s a new term to me, I’ll look it up! Thanks Barbara! I really love Caitlyn’s work, she’s such a positive light for all women, but especially young women growing into adulthood. I highly recommend her work to all.


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