“First Song” by Joseph Stroud

That long-ago morning at Ruth’s farm
when I hid in the wisteria
and watched hummingbirds. I thought
the ruby or gold that gleamed on their throats
was the honeyed blood of flowers.
They would stick their piercing beaks
into a crown of petals until their heads
disappeared. The blossoms blurred into wings,
and the breathing I heard
was the thin, moving stems of wisteria.
That night, my face pressed against the window,
I looked out into the dark
where the moon drowned in the willows
by the pond. My heart, bloodstone,
turned. That long night, the farm,
those jeweled birds, all these gone years.
The horses standing quiet and huge
in the moon-crossing blackness.

“First Song” by Joseph Stroud, from Of This World. © Copper Canyon Press, 2009.

One thought on ““First Song” by Joseph Stroud

  1. I absolutely love this – but, of course, you already knew that.
    I finally saw a hummingbird over the weekend. I can’t decide if they have just been absent this summer or if I haven’t been paying attention.


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