“Scars” by William Stafford

They tell how it was, and how time
came along, and how it happened
again and again. They tell
the slant life takes when it turns
and slashes your face as a friend.

Any wound is real. In church
a woman lets the sun find
her cheek, and we see the lesson:
there are years in that book; there are sorrows
a choir can’t reach when they sing.

Rows of children lift their faces of promise,
places where the scars will be.

William Stafford, Americans’ Favorite Poems: edited by  Maggie Dietz and Robert Pinsky



“Scars” (Acoustic) by James Bay

We grow apart
I watch you on the red horizon
Your lion’s heart
Will protect you under stormy skies
And I will always be listening for your laughter and your tears
And as soon as I can hold you once again
I won’t let go of you, I swear
We live through scars this time
But I’ve made up my mind
We can’t leave us behind anymore
We’ll have to hurt for now
But next time there’s no doubt
‘Cause I can’t go without you anymore

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