“Find Me When You’re Starting Over” by Nicole Marie

I twisted into me
into knots and threads of darkened memory
like tree trunk rings or strips of film
of jagged time.

There are shards of light there
in those tied up corners
and those softened edges
of flesh and bone.

Hold me up to the sun
and study the maps
that run through my veins
they’re all places I have been.

The signs along the highway
have turned a jaded green
but I remain a brilliant
shade of transparent gold.

I can guide you at night
I can teach you
spread out on the hood of your car
one finger on some tiny destination.

I am a breathing mess of
sun down and sun up
of abandoned buildings
and new beginnings.

Find me when you’re starting over
I have been everywhere
I have grown rings
twisted into the depths of me.

“Find Me When You’re Starting Over” by Nicole Marie, originally posted at Words for the Weekend. Nicole Marie writes poetry and prose at her blog Words and Other Things.


7 thoughts on ““Find Me When You’re Starting Over” by Nicole Marie

    1. Isn’t she incredible? Both as a writer and a person. I think we’re both better for knowing her. 🙂
      She wrote this piece especially for Words for the Weekend when it debuted. How lucky am I?
      As more time goes on, the more this poem digs into me, creates rings into my soul. xoxo


    1. Thank you SO much for saying yes. And for writing it for us to begin with. 🙂
      You’re the bestest.
      I was being serious when I told you certain lines still haunt me. The older I get, the deeper the rings, the greater the impact. You really are sooooo crazy good.
      Love! xoxo

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    My friend Christy was kind enough to re-share a poem of mine, originally featured during the start-up of her page, Words for the Year. Please, give it a read and check out her page; there are so many words you have to see.

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