“Afraid So” by Jeanne Marie Beaumont

Is it starting to rain?
Did the check bounce?
Are we out of coffee?
Is this going to hurt?
Could you lose your job?
Did the glass break?
Was the baggage misrouted?
Will this go on my record?
Are you missing much money?
Was anyone injured?
Is the traffic heavy?
Do I have to remove my clothes?
Will it leave a scar?
Must you go?
Will this be in the papers?
Is my time up already?
Are we seeing the understudy?
Will it affect my eyesight?
Did all the books burn?
Are you still smoking?
Is the bone broken?
Will I have to put him to sleep?
Was the car totaled?
Am I responsible for these charges?
Are you contagious?
Will we have to wait long?
Is the runway icy?
Was the gun loaded?
Could this cause side effects?
Do you know who betrayed you?
Is the wound infected?
Are we lost?
Will it get any worse?

“Afraid So” by Jeanne Marie Beaumont from Curious Conduct. © BOA Editions, Ltd., 2004.

3 thoughts on ““Afraid So” by Jeanne Marie Beaumont

  1. O.M.G. Did my brain write this? I’m reading this on the rebound (and subsequent return trip home) after having left for the airport without my ID and credit cards. It’s been a shit-storm ever since. Maybe if I had asked some critical questions such as these before leaving….
    Do you have your wallet?
    Did you forget anything?
    Will we be late?
    Can I catch another flight?
    Can’t I just quit this job?

    Hello worms…here is your can 🙂 xoxoxoxo

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      1. Bahahaha! I laughed right our loud on the airplane when I read your reply. I’m sure my seat mate had some questions of her own
        Is she crazy?
        Am I safe?
        Can somebody please open the door?
        Thank you for the much-needed belly laugh. Xo

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