“It’s like in your chest there’s a magnet… (Rodríguez)

“It’s like in your chest there’s a magnet, a magnet not for metal but for a substance not available on this planet. So that it is constantly pulling—angular little shocks like in the cartoons—at something it will never draw close. Must be where they got the expression aching for something. Because it is a kind of ache. To want something and want something and. After a while you begin to feel intimate with the missing part. You begin to feel it’s natural not to feel pleased or satisfied. You look for houses in dead ends to live in.”

– Aleida Rodríguez, Garden of Exile: Exile

2 thoughts on ““It’s like in your chest there’s a magnet… (Rodríguez)

  1. I know this ache and I believe I’ve touched this substance a few times. It’s amazing and it’s the most unconditional love that you could ever imagine, times a thousand. It’s the source energy that we come from and that is us at our truest essence.

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