“A Few Of The Crimes You’ve Committed Against My Heart” by Dara Wier

Arson. Most of all arson. Tongues of flame flare lick, lick and like
So many others of us, I like fire and I like water & a good flaring.
Larceny. A little bit of larceny.
Treason. Exquisitely executed, the ultra high kind. Peppered
With a few petty kickbacks. Like in a self-serve brain surgery
In and Out Same Day Service Bargain Up Way. Buy One, Get One
Free. You committed fog against me. You committed horses
Against me. You attacked me with hummingbirds.
You ambushed me with iridescence. You scapled me
With seeds. You blindsided me with stars. You pushed me over
The edge with bumblebees. You strangled me with my own heart.
You broke into me with gills. Me with lungs under my wings.
With books you electrocuted me. With words you tore me to pieces.
With inferotemporal neurons you swindled me.
You hung me with sattelites. With time and distance you slay me.
You pepper-sprayed me with music. You took out my eyes, so you
Said, to polish them up a bit. You stole my petticoat, my pretty chemise.
You over-salted me with blizzards. You deserted me at noon.
You committed rain against me. You committed sharks against me.
With rivers and meadows, you lied to me, with canyons and the tops of fog
Shrouded mountains. You put ravens in there to kidnap me. You
Burned me with songbirds & nightfall & morning. You scalded me with
Flocks, you stole my tongue with tides. With all of this you put me down.

Dara Wier via Notnostrums


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