10 thoughts on ““I want a trouble-maker for a lover… (Rumi)

      1. mishedup

        hate to say it but i was kidding…just the idea of putting that on eHarmony, or any dating site and seeing heads exploding made me laugh!
        altho……should i do it? Should i begin a social experiment? I haven’t had a great date in a while, maybe rumi can help?
        I could be dared…..


      2. Haha! See? I didn’t even flinch or blink an eye at that. Hmmm what does that say about me? I would totally try that myself. You? As much as you love poetry and Rumi, you might find someone else who loves the same. Although…. You could get some weirdos too. But you’re probably gonna get weirdos no matter what. 🙂 Could try it for a couple weeks with a yoga profile pic. Why the hell not? xoxo

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      3. mishedup

        omg….curious! I guess I am. Let me think on it over this weekend, I just may go for it…change my whole profile.
        I bet there would be a lot of weirdos, but then i don’t date much because there are so many weirdos! so what the hell, right?


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