“To Get to Zen” by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

you must first lose your
shit in an elevator
in front of a man you do not know.

In line at the pharmacy, spill
the contents of your handbag,
a tampon falling
onto the foot of the elderly woman beside you.

Figure out some ways to use your body. Eat
too much, or not at all, or
eat just enough.

Anything will do.

While in a conversation, stop listening
and then begin to listen again.
Fill in the parts in between
with whatever you wish.

A llama, perhaps.

An unfinished chess game
knocked to the floor
(attach any emotion to this).

In a stairwell, take
three stairs at once.

Breathe as deep into your bones
as Houdini might have
into his.

Forget what you know.
Or, at least,

via Paper Darts