3 thoughts on ““I loved you head over handles…

  1. This passage reminds me of my sweet “old soul” son. In 7th grade, he wrote a love letter to a young lady he had asked to the middle school dance. I photo copied it so I would always have it. In it he said, “I’ve fallen for you as hard as the first time I crashed my bike. It really hurt, but I couldn’t wait to try again–I don’t care if I keep falling because you are worth the scratches.”

    Poor kiddo…the girl dumped him a week later.


    1. So ironic how girls run away from the romantic poets in school and then spend their adult lives wishing their partners were more romantic.

      I bet that young lady will remember your son for the rest of her life.

      You reminded me of a favorite poem by Yeats–I’ll post it this week. 😉


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