“Fragment 33” by Meggie Royer

If you unzip a poem, what remains? he inquired. Bee stings, deer bones, wilted roses, and time itself, she replied. And if you make love to it? he asked. Well, she answered, sex with a poem is never just sex. Sex with a poem is an act of terrifyingly beautiful devastation. Poems don’t want your body; they want your words.
“Fragment 33” by Meggie Royer

9 thoughts on ““Fragment 33” by Meggie Royer

  1. I really hope “sex with a poem” remains the most disturbing image in my head this week.
    And if you’re going to do that, I hope you use protection! (A thesaurus, or maybe wrap yourself in the funnies first…)


      1. I’m not thinking about this anymore.
        *fingers in ears*

        (Don’t use the op-ed pages. No telling what kind of offspring that will lead to…)


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