“For Every Action” by Heather Void

I replaced my glasses lenses with those that filter in
every event through the translucence of temporality and
made a valiant effort to appreciate how temporary we are-
Not we as in you and I, but we as in this new combination from
the conservation of masses- take all the people and put them
together, you can call it a mixture but it is more like chemical
bonding, because they become something different: a crowd,
the same way that the us made from you and me can die (or no
let’s not say die let’s say become lonelier) without our individual
beings completely arriving at the bottom of the extinction list.
however it won’t ever be the same; we knew that signing on-
we aren’t completely compounds, though those have different
properties from the elements that are creating them. we are
chromosomes, darling; sparking with eagerness to show what
wonders we contain, and in the process of prophase, losing some
of what you and I used to say “I am” to, in favor of this sum of
factors that we have blended in a set ratio in the right
conditions as we sit and stargaze at our future, hoping for a
supernova, since if we have to cease to exist we might as well

“For Every Action” by Heather Void

“For Every Action” is shared courtesy of Heather in honor of National Pi Day. No, not apple pie, but pi pi — “3.14159 … pi.” Stop by and see more musings on pi (and some brilliant poetry) by Heather at her blog HeatherVoid. Thanks, Heather! -christy

(My nerdy contribution was posting this at 9:59 am local; 3+1+4+1:59 … )

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