“No System for Grief” by Kimberly Grey

You were in the world and. More
slowly now I am

so fasted now so. Long
it’s been without
you, if you ever read this
you were what. I was dreaming of

this welt, to know
it before. It comes like love
I loved your

empty spaces,

saved them a little
like. The sea
it’s dying, believe me,
long ago today

I was. Fond of saying time is
just wandering away, love,

you heard me once say

I am the lost shiny thing

you were. Designed for
this decade, jumped hoops to get me

and picture it, got through
but not this I’m not through
and. I will not miss this big sadness or.

How I heard your body break into such.

Fragments toward what. Bewilder meant.

“No System for Grief” by Kimberly Grey, originally published in Linebreak