“I Have To Tell You” by Dorothea Grossman

I have to tell you,
there are times when
the sun strikes me
like a gong,
and I remember everything,
even your ears.

Dorothea Grossman via Poetry Magazine (March 2010)

* Happy Birthday, Mom. I miss you every day.

“My mother is a poem
I’ll never be able to write,
though everything I write
is a poem to my mother.”

Sharon Doubiago

“Moonshadow” by Cat Stevens (Yusuf)

3 thoughts on ““I Have To Tell You” by Dorothea Grossman

  1. Mike Mirarchi

    I love this poem, Christina! It’s so short, and so poignant. It really captures the pain of losing a love. That’s something I love about poetry — how just a handful of words, if they’re the right words arranged in the right order, can pack so much punch.

    This poem makes me think of this quote from the movie French Kiss: “After a time you will forget. First, you will forget his chin, and then his nose, and after awhile, you will struggle to remember the exact color of his eyes, and one day you wake up and, pfft, he’s gone: his voice, his smell, his face. He will have left you. And then you can begin again.”


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