“Everything” by Marc Anthony


The crazy diamonded one, whose glitter is richer than gold.

You, who makes me ponder and pant and scream the daylights out of a deep blue sky and who allows me to cry unabashedly so, at a full moon that speaks the language of those who believe in forever.

You, the only you I have ever wanted to know this way. Fully and without shame or judgment or need for conditional allowances, because it is this you that I have come to know in a way that no one else ever has.

You. Created Me; a Me that I never knew existed until the words we shared began to soften and move into something deeper and stronger and more advanced than a simple familiarity.

You love me beyond all the places your heart had ever traveled to before now. While the Me shares a ride to miles deeper and worlds longer, with eternity looking on, wearing a smile that says everything.




“Shelter” by Ray LaMontagne

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