8 thoughts on ““And the days are not full enough” by Ezra Pound

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  1. Sidney A. Schultz

    Why give voice on any matters to this fascist? Why not a speech of Mussolini or a Hitler watercolor?
    Art should speak to us from the heights of humanism! Do you not know his hateful history?


    1. Well usually I am glad when a piece inspires passion. I apologize though that this triggered such negative emotion for you and any other readers who felt similarly.
      It’s tough when one tries to only be moved by words, and not by the writer or speaker. The words themselves are very lovely, no? The words if penned by cummings or Neruda or Frost would still be as lovely. It’s impossible to know every person behind the art…if we did, I imagine we’d find every artist flawed. Bukowski is a favorite of mine…even though I’m a sober female. He himself was a real asshole. But man he could write.

      Okay in regard to Pound, I confess to not knowing the details of his later life. I knew of him from his time with Hemingway and Eliot and Frost (writers I am more familiar with), and remembered that Hemingway spoke very fondly of Pound’s friendship and loyalty. I ran across Pound’s quote/poem, liked it, and chose to include it on my personal blog. Art speaks to me from all directions and all colors and all ages. I don’t always have to know or like the artist. I hope that doesn’t sound too defensive. We all experience art differently.

      Please forgive my ignorance of Pound’s personal beliefs. I appreciate this chance to learn. And I do appreciate your comments.
      – Christy

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