“Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell

A heart on the run
Keeps a hand on a gun
It can’t trust anyone

I was so sure
What I needed was more
Tried to shoot out the sun

In days when we raged
We flew off the page
Such damage was done

But I made it through
‘Cause somebody knew
I was meant for someone

Jason Isbell performs “Cover Me Up” (embedded video above or HERE for YouTube) at Austin City Limits. From album Southeastern.

(Isbell has just released a DVD of his entire ACL concert. It would make a great gift for any music lovers in your life. Available on Amazon HERE.)

6 thoughts on ““Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell

  1. mishedup

    I know you are appalled by a few of my “not favorite” artists that you love and I don’t…but rest assured, Jason Isbell has us firmly on the same page. Love this song and him. Thanks!


    1. Haha! The only ones I knew of were the Avett Bros–you mean there are more?? 😉
      I would seriously question the sanity of anyone who claimed to dislike Isbell. Be sure to watch him on the Americana awards too, airing on PBS this week.


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